Some testimonials from some of my clients:


Jenny gave my horse the most reassuring experience an owner good ever ask for as I have a very nervous horse. I am so pleased can’t wait to see an ongoing progress with his bare feet as only been barefoot 6 weeks. Thank you Jenny you were amazing.

Deborah Taylor, 15th March 2018


Have a very nervous mare. Jen worked brilliant with her and helped gain her confidence especially with my mares flighty back legs!! It’s safe to say my temperamental moody mare has loved jen from the day of meeting her. Thank you.

Sharnie Birch, 14th February 2018


Had Jenny out to look at my two horses. One has been barefoot for 4 years, the other a couple of months.
Jenny filled me with great confidence from the moment she arrived. She pointed out things that had been previously missed by others and I’m so glad I contacted her.
I am really looking forward to working with her to get my guys feet tip top!

Tracy Melton, 28th January 2018


Tried taking our horse barefoot two years ago but it didn’t work as he was too sore. However since having Jenny to trim his feet along with her brilliant advice it’s now working, he’s not had a days soreness since removing his shoes. He’s only 2 months in and now has much improved healthier feet! I would recommend her to anyone.

Sue Cranston, 18th January 2018


I found Jenny before I found my horse, I knew she was the lady I wanted to trim as her ethos with horses in general is right in my wheelhouse and that’s not so common in the horse world. I was absolutely right to hire her services and won’t look back. Jenny has been coming to our rescue lad since summer this year (2017) and we won’t have anyone else. Not only does she do a fantastic job of his feet but she gives great advice and very knowledgeable all round! Aside from her job she really cares for each and every horse she looks after and treats them very much like her own which is with compassion, understanding and love. Absolutely worth every penny we pay and have recommended to my horsey friends too ❤ See you in a few weeks!

Emma Osborne,  21st December 2017


Jenny is amazing. Both my Cob and Welsh Sec A’s hooves have never been better! Full of advice and support. Cannot recommend her enough. We love our Jenny Wren.

Katy Fieldhouse, 27th October 2017


First met Jenny today when she came to trim my pony, George’s feet. Would 100% recommend her to anyone. She’s very knowledgeable and talked me through everything while she was trimming. She knew a lot about his feet just from looking at them. She was very good and patient with my boy even though he was seeing what he could get away with, trying it on a little bit. I’ve never had so much information before when he’s been trimmed. Very very happy, I will have her come out again next time.

Lucy Christian, 23rd September 2017


I’ve had Jenny out twice now to my tb, I’d been using a farrier for over 4 years and even tho I had asked he never got on top of her flare on her backs. Jenny sorted them out first trip and they haven’t returned. My mare was also a bit of a witch on her first visit (she’s wary of new people) but Jenny was calm and patient and more importantly it didn’t put her off!
She’s also great with the little ones, she’s done a lovely job on my welsh A who was well over due a trim. Even tho she’s had a lot off she’s not the slightest bit footsore. Highly recommend.

Amy Hayward, 24th August 2017


Jenny has a lovely way with the horses, is knowledgeable, helpful and happy to discuss each horse’s situation and holistic ways forward for their individual needs

Helena Derriscott, 18th August 2017


First time I had met Jenny today when she came to trim both my mare who is a thoroughbred X Warmblood and my timid cob pony. Jenny was punctual, very friendly with both myself and my horses, she really put them both at ease. Very very knowledgeable and also showing me what she was talking about/doing when trimming there hooves. Thank you.

Leanne Treloar, 10th July 2017


I had jenny out to trim my big warmblood / draft mare , she’s had a bad past and been mishandled , and nearly kicked my previous farrier’s head off… was an absolute star for Jenny , very good with the horses and great for the owners too as she explains everything that she’s doing and why . Would not hesitate to use again .

Helen Wolfy, 15th February 2017


I had Jenny out to trim my youngsters feet. Nemo has his quirks(especially with his feet being handled) and after several Farriers let me down, it was a relief to find someone who would take the time to show Nemo the equipment and aim to keep him relaxed. It definitely made a difference to Nemo, as I think he made a lot of progress in his education during Jenny’s visit. I would 100% recommended her!

Olivia Cresswell, 14th January 2017


Jenny has been looking after my Quarter Horse hooves for a few months now and I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone who is thinking of taking their horse barefoot. Jenny is extremely knowledgeable and is very thorough. Jenny talks you through everything she is doing to your horses feet and takes pictures each time she visits you. I wouldn’t want anybody else touching my horse’s feet.

David Sea-Borne, 15th December 2016


Having been recommended to me, Jenny came to trim my horse’s feet for the first time today and I’m really impressed. She spent time assessing Rose, including how she walks and immediately spotted issues that I was worried weren’t being addressed by previous farriers. She explained everything really well and I’m so glad to have found someone who will actually tackle the problems rather than just doing any old trim! Now excited to see how Rose’s hooves improve.

Sylv Hull, 8th September 2016


It’s my first time using a barefoot trimmer. Jen was very thorough asking loads of questions and going through the vet report. I was amazed at how horse friendly the equipment was, no asking Bea to put her hind feet on a high metal stand everything was kept low and as comfortable as possible. Bea has SI joint disease. Result was nice trimmed and shaped feet with no lameness or hint of being footsore.

Chris Ward,  28th August 2016


Jenny took over the trimming of our 4 earlier this year. We have found Jenny to be very informative, thorough, professional and patient.
Changing from our farrier to a trimmer required a great deal of thought; Jenny was happy to answer our many questions and provide us with a detailed consultation enabling us to make an informed choice.
Having now been trimmed twice our horses have transitioned very well, we’re very happy with the job Jenny does as well as the advice she gives regarding hoof care/diet/management.
Have happily recommended Jenny to friends, we trust her implicitly and she is a pleasure to have at the yard

Rachael Leigh, 28th March 2016


Jenny has been trimming my young horse’s feet for nearly a year now and has helped to transform them from flat, misshapen feet to strong, healthy hooves.
His previous farrier dismissed his hooves as ‘rubbish’ and claimed that they would never be anything other than flat. Jenny immediately observed that the quality of the hoof was actually good and that with regular trimming, there was no reason why the angles couldn’t improve. Slowly but surely, this has proven to be the case and my horse is now happily hacking and competing on a variety of surfaces, showing no indication that he needs to be shod.
Jenny is always very diligent and happy to answer any questions or discuss management, as well as being patient with the horse and reminding me when he’s due for his next appointment!

Charlotte Berridge, 28th March 2016 


I contacted Jenny after having no luck with finding a local barefoot trimmer to me. Thankfully she was willing to travel to me, and I’m extremely grateful to the extra time it takes her to get up and ensure Indies feet are kept lovely. Very knowledgeable and passionate in what she does. Fabulous job done every time :)thanks again Jenny 🙂 love me and Indie!

Felicity Avery, 27th March 2016


Jenny came to the rescue after my farrier took the shoes off my horse and wouldn’t put them back on and his hoof was crumbling with seedy toe. His feet are now amazing, I wouldn’t ever go to anyone else and deffo no shoes!

Kay Sliwinski, 27th March 2016


I cannot thank jenny enough. She was coming to another livery on my yard and I was pulling my hair out because my cobs feet were in a bad way and despite following the farrier I was using at the times advice to heal all the cracks it wasn’t working. I’d tried everything. My friend suggested jenny and I have never looked back and I wouldn’t use anyone else.

She knew straight away what was wrong and corrected it quickly. She is brilliant with my horses and I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Lisa Morgan,  27th March 2016


Had Jenny out today to see to our newly acquired colt who hadnt the best hooves and was a bit wobbly and unsure. She was absolutely brilliant with him and explained it all to us in an easy to understand way. Happy coblet, happy owners! Highly recommend ‘Wild at Hoof’ 🙂

Claire Potter, 18th May 2014

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