About me

I am a qualified (DEP, MEPA) and experienced equine podiatrist.

My journey started over 14 years ago with a chestnut mare called Annie. After many years of battling to keep her shoes on, I took the decision to remove them. With regular trimming Annie’s hooves improved; they got stronger and healthier. My barefoot journey had began…

Today I look after many horses’ and ponies’ hooves. They come in all shapes, sizes and do a wide variety of activities, from happy hackers to hunters.  (Find out more about my clients here)

My approach is both scientific and holistic, optimising the horse’s or pony’s biomechanics based upon their conformation, age, level of work, previous or current injuries, and any future goals.

My service includes advice and recommendations on a horse’s management, nutrition and exercise – all three have a significant effect on physical, chemical and biological structure the hoof.

I have extensive experience of rehabilitating horses and ponies with pathologies such as laminitis, navicular, seedy toe, flare and underrun heels.  My remedial approach improves comfort, aids relief and stimulates healing.

As an active member of the Equine Podiatry Association, I am continually updating my knowledge and skills through formal continued professional development.  In addition to maintaining the very latest understanding scientific research in hoof care, hoof pathologies and biology, I undertake training in a wide range of supportive subjects – such as advanced handling skills.

Together with my personal experience of bringing on young horses, I’ve the skills and knowledge to train young and nervous horses to have their feet handled without stress, using sympathetic non-aggressive techniques.

When I am not trimming, I enjoy spending time my two horses Annie and Wren, my two dogs Rosie and Bear and husband-to-be Chris.


Find out more about the services I offer, click here.

To contact me, click here.

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