Whether you’re just starting your barefoot journey or looking for a new podiatrist, I can help. I offer a full equine podiatry service, including:

  • initial consultations
  • regular hoof care and trims
  • rehabilitation of horses with hoof pathologies
  • hoof boot fitting
  • advice on management, nutrition and exercise
  • training nervous and young horses

I am also a stockist of Red Horse Products.


Initial Consultations

During the initial consultation I will look at your horse’s hooves (the balance and overall health) as well as their posture and gait. We will discuss other aspects that influence hoof health such as diet, routine and exercise.

If you’re considering transitioning from being shod, I will talk you through the process, discussing what you can expect and any changes to the horses management that are likely to speed the transition and best maintain comfort for the horse (find out more about transitioning here).  Together, we’ll develop a plan of action – including when best in the shoeing cycle to remove them and the first trim.

The initial consultation takes approx. 1 hour, you’ll need to bring your horse in and, ideally, ensure that their hooves and lower legs are clean and dry. We will need a flat, hard surface to trot-up on.


Regular hoof care and trims

Each horse is different. Hoof grow depends upon many factors including how they move, the work that they do, the surfaces they walk on and what they eat. This will affect how often your horse needs trimming. Generally hooves grow faster in summer and slower in winter, and need trimming every 4-6 week and 6-8 weeks respectively. I will work with you and your horse to find a routine that is best for your horse and optimises their hoof health.

A trim normally takes around 40 minutes, but this will largely depend upon the work that needs to be done.


Rehabilitation of horses with hoof pathologies

I have successfully rehabilitated horses with navicular and laminitis. Through remedial trimming I’ve gradually improved the balance and function of the hoof, which in turn improved the comfort and life of the horse. I’m also experienced in addressing seedy toe, flare and underrun heels.

Read the case studies to find out more.


Hoof boot fitting  

Hoof boots can be useful for horses in transition and for those are are going over hard, uneven terrain for extended periods of time. Choosing the right boot, both in terms of fit and function, is important.  I can recommend boot type for hoof stage and measure feet for boots. For those looking for boots for a short period – a try before you buy, or during transition, for example – I offer a boot rental service.


Advice on management, nutrition and exercise

Nutrition, exercise and a horse’s routine all affect the health of a horse’s hoof.  A low sugar diet and movement are key aspects of keeping hooves healthy and consequently I will provide guidance on how to manage your horse to optimise hoof performance. This advice will form part of the initial consultation and regular trims.

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